Branded Online Card Payment Pages

Allow your customers to make online card payments 24/7

We help small credit control teams to collect payments from their customers with an intuitive, efficient card payment solution

We can help provide your customers with an online payment facility to allow them to self-serve and make payments against their outstanding invoices and debt.

We can provide a tailored solution that can collect relevant information about the transaction and integrate with your preferred payment provider to collect those payments.

Some of the features and benefits of how we can help you include:

24/7 card payments – An online card payment solution allows your customers to self-serve any time day or night, so they are no longer restricted to office hours or needing to call you.

Telephone payments (MOTO) – Take card payments over the telephone by utilising our easy to use card payment page which is accessible via your own, secure login.

Branded as you – Your online card payment solution is branded as you, thus helping keep within your look and feel.

Integrate with your website – You have the option of providing your customers with a standalone link or by integrating the payment page into your website through an iframe.

Customise the data you collect – Your payment page can be set up to collect any relevant information about the transaction. For example, you may want to collect a customer reference number, an invoice number or a post code. This helps you to identify who the payment is made by.

Daily transaction reports – You will receive a daily transaction report from the previous day, allowing you to use this information to reconcile with your ledger.

Integration with your chosen payment provider – Your payment page can be integrated with your chosen payment provider, whether this is Stripe, Global Payments, WorldPay, Opayo or any other payment gateway.

  • Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Utilise the system to take card payments over the telephone (MOTO)
  • Customised payment form to collect relevant data
  • Automatically generated payment receipts
  • PCI compliant debit and credit card payments
  • Daily transaction reports

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