Card Present and Point of Sale Payments

Allow your customers to make face to face card payments and integrate with your POS

We help businesses provide their customers with a face to face payment solution that can integrate with your customer portal

Face to face card payments are a staple in today’s commerce world.

We can provide a tailored solution that can integrate a card payment terminal with your EPOS system.

Some of the features and benefits of how we can help you include:

Wireless transactions – Our card payment terminal solution allows for seamless and wireless card payments.

Integrate with your EPOS – Our wireless solution can integrate with your EPOS system and payments can be initiated at the click of a button.

Daily transaction reports – You will receive a daily transaction report from the previous day, allowing you to use this information to reconcile with your ledger.

Integration with your chosen payment provider – Your payment page can be integrated with your chosen payment provider, whether this is Stripe, Global Payments, WorldPay, Opayo or any other payment gateway.

  • Wireless payments
  • Integrate with your EPOS system
  • Automatically generated payment receipts
  • PCI compliant debit and credit card payments
  • Daily transaction reports

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