Collect & Auto Allocate Payments 24/7

Process debit and credit card payments that auto reconcile with your sales ledger.

Free up your time to perform the more relevant tasks

There’s an old saying “Cash is King” and that “It Costs Money to Collect Money”, both sayings may well be true, but what if there was a way to collect the cash owed more quickly and more efficiently whilst driving down the operating costs of the business?

What if there was a system that could not only allow customers to make payments against outstanding invoices any time day or night, but also reconcile the payments made automatically without any manual intervention from your Accounts Receivable team?

What if there was a system that offers customers direct access to copy documents such as invoices and proof of deliveries without burdening your Accounts Receivables team with “another” copy invoice request?

With our Online Payment solution we offer just that, a system that provides all of the above and more. A system that is designed to increase productivity, efficiency and cash flow by introducing automation and direct access into your Accounts Receivable function.

To put it simply our secure web based Online Payment Portal allows you to take card payments both online and over the telephone easily and securely. Payments processed through the portal can be allocated automatically onto your sales ledger, or ERP system, and a receipt issued directly to the customer without any manual intervention.

No longer will your Accounts Receivable team need to pass the PDQ machine (that you’re being charged for each month) around the office, or wait for one of the team to finish processing a payment before they themselves can take a payment. Our systems are web based and as a result allow multiple users to process payments simultaneously.

Furthermore our systems are built to reflect our clients corporate branding and colour scheme, there are no references or credits to our business and the systems we build are truly bespoke, delivering specific solutions to specific pain points.

The result? A system that increases productivity, enhances your Accounts Receivable function, offers greater flexibility, access and service to your customers, and a system that frees up your credit controllers time to focus on the collection of outstanding invoices and the reduction of DSO and bad debt provisions.

As standard the key features of our Portal are as follows:

  • Card payments can be made online 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Your Accounts Receivable team can utilise the portal to take card payments over the telephone thus removing the need of a PDQ terminal within AR
  • Card payments can be made simultaneously as there is no restriction on the number of users accessing the system at any one time
  • Payments made can be allocated automatically onto your sales ledger / ERP software – Removing the need for manual intervention from your Accounts Receivable team
  • Automated payment receipts issued to the customer upon the payment being processed
  • Copy invoices are accessible via the portal thus reducing the volume of copy document requests into your Accounts Receivable team saving you time and money
  • Query notification – Enabling customers to submit details of their query online and upon submission the query will be received by designated staff members for a speedy resolution
  • Bespoke design – Designed to reflect your corporate branding and colour scheme
  • Integrated Paperless Direct Debit feature allowing your customers to complete and submit a Direct Debit mandate online (Optional as an additional fee is charged for this feature)
  • MI reporting available confirming:
    • Volume and value of card transactions processed
    • Volume of invoices paid
    • Volume of copy document requests (Having the MI available enables you to demonstrate the increased efficiency following implementation of the Portal)
  • Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Utilise the system to take card payments over the telephone
  • Auto reconcilliation with your sales ledger or ERP system
  • Automatically generated payment receipts
  • Customers can access and download copy invoices
  • PCI compliant debit and credit card payments
  • Transaction insights and reporting

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