How technology is being used to help businesses through Covid-19

How technology is being used to help businesses through Covid-19

It goes without saying that the circumstances we find ourselves in at present are unprecedented, even Mystic Meg and Septic Peg (one for us older generation) could not have foreseen how the world would look in a little over three months as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve.

For many 2020 offered a renewed optimism and a sense that the UK could move forward, albeit on a road that is long and winding with many a challenge still lying ahead.

Fast forward from New Year’s Eve to today (March 27th 2020) and who could have predicted that the majority of the UK’s workforce would be working from home and that Britain would effectively be on lockdown. Indeed the suggestion of such scenario only a couple of months ago would no doubt have been met with a quip, sneer, or a wry smile underpinned by thoughts of “has he / she been drinking”.

Nevertheless that scenario is now reality, and with many businesses and employees working hard to set up their remote working arrangements, it is testament to the technology we have today that so many businesses can still operate despite the challenges faced. We often take for granted the laptops, desktops, tablets and phones that we use on a daily basis, not to mention our ability to connect with the wider world via the internet. But it is these technologies that are helping to keep our businesses alive, whilst ensuring minimal, if any, inconvenience is caused to the customer.

Unquestionably we have seen an increased number of customers accessing the Online Payment, Auto Cash Allocation, Copy Document & Query Notification Systems we supply. As each day passes, and the vast majority of us settle into life working from home, more and more of our clients customers are utilising the fully branded portal’s as a method of communicating, making payment and obtaining the copy documents they require on a self-serve basis.

Without doubt the intention of our business has always been to provide bespoke online portals that improve efficiency, deliver greater levels of customer service and offer a financial benefit to our clients, never did we imagine that the technology we provide could support businesses through a global pandemic.